Polyurethane boots versus PVC boots

Everyone knows PVC boots, those heavy, cumbersome boots that give you cold feet in winter and sweaty feet in summer. With Bekina polyurethane boots this is a thing of the past!

PVC is cheaper so it is more widely available and worn. Bekina PU boots are more expensive, but while the investment because of its features:

  • PVC has become widely used in clothing, f.e. to create a leather-like material and many applications in which it replaces rubber.
  • Polyurethanes are applied to the manufacture of flexible, high-resilience foam seating; rigid foam insulation panels; durable elastomeric wheels and tires; automotive suspension bushings; high performance adhesives and carpet underlays.

PU boots: light, warm and long wearing

Light and flexible for the most comfortable boot
A pair of PU boots weighs much less than any other pair (gum boots or PVC boots).An enormous difference if you're working all day! In addition your polyurethane boots will remain flexible and pleasant to wear, even under extreme temperatures of -20°C (Thermolite -40°C).

Thermo boots, excellent insulating
Air is an excellent insulator: the polyurethane in our PU boots is a foamed material consisting of millions of tiny air bubbles. Your feet will be warm in the winter, while the material's breathing features will keep your feet from transpiring profusely in summer.

The PU used by Bekina withstands organic fats, hydrocarbons, mild chemicals, as well as animal fats, oils and industrial greases. Tests prove that polyurethane boots last up to three times longer than PVC boots.

Superior Slip Resistance 

Bekina’s PU sole profiles have exceptional traction and help reduce lost time due to slip & fall injuries. On top of that Bekina’s Steplite X is SRC approved! (SRC is the European standard mechanical slip resistance test for footwear).


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