Cleaning the boots with clear water after use is highly recommended and will enhance the life span considerably. In case of intensive use, in extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to clean the boots every day, so that dirt is not allowed to penetrate the material.

  • Never let the boots soak in cleaning products and thoroughly rinse inside and out with clean water.
  • When you do wash the inside, you must make sure that you dry the boots properly before using them again. 
  • When using disinfectants it is necessary to apply them in a correct doses.

If necessary, please contact your dealer and inquire about the chemical resistance.


A few tips:

  • The conical sole profile is self-cleaning.
  • Regular cleaning with water increases the boots’ lifespan.
  • In case of intense use, clean the PU boots every day to ensure that dirt does not penetrate into the material.


  • Bekina is only responsible for the quality of the material and for manufacturing defects.
  • The guarantee will cease to apply if the boots:
    - are worn out due to normal use;
    - were not properly cleaned;
    - were damaged through incorrect use;
    - were not correctly repaired.


To ensure comfort and safety, our light boots are manufactured using top-quality materials. Polyurethane is extremely strong and resistant and Bekina PU boots used on a daily basis will generally last from 6 months to 1 year*.

(*) Regular contact with high concentrations of aggressive substances can influence the boots' lifespan. Please do not hesitate to contact Bekina if you have any questions.

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