Steplite X Green

Bekina’s farm boot, an Xpert at work.

Cattle breeding, horticulture, vegetable and fruit farming,… this comfortable boot is at home everywhere. Its improved and unparalleled features make it an expert in all areas. On top of this, the new design gives the boot a contemporary look.

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The light boot for the heavy field work

As a true-blue agricultural boot it can take a blow. Extensive lab and practical tests have shown that the wear resistance of the Agrilite sole is up to 3 times better than for PVC boots. It can be easily disinfected or cleaned using water. If you want the best agricultural boot, Agrilite is your partner!

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Bekina’s extra insulating boot: plusses at minus temperatures

The Thermolite can be fully appreciated wherever one has to stand for long periods of time in icy cold conditions. The plusses of this thermo boot? The waterproof PU-material remains supple up to -40°C, an extra-thick leg and sole guarantee your feet stay warm. Yet the Thermolite is still lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Fairs: Eurogénétique

Visit Bekina at the EUROGÉNÉTIQUE fare in Vosges!
From 4 till April 6 all leading livestock companies will be present during EUROGÉNÉTIQUE.

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