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Written on 14/10/09 by Bekina Beheer

Bekina Steplite X

An Xpert at work

The company Bekina, the history of which stretches all the way back to 1962, started out by making handmade rubber boots. Materials and technology continued to evolve, with the result that Bekina now has over 15 years of experience in the development and manufacture of polyurethane safety boots.

Building further on the great success of its current range and its many innovations, Bekina feels justified - and proud - to call itself an Xpert in the field. 

Power, passion and technical know-how merge in Bekina’s new product: the Steplite X.

Bekina constantly stays up-to-date with market trends: the customer is rightly becoming ever more critical and demanding. The new Steplite X fully meets these ever higher requirements.

“Why?”, we can almost hear you wondering...

Over and above the existing characteristics of Bekina PU boots (light as a feather, thermo-insulating and durable), the Steplite X features:

  1. A broad instep for enhanced wearing comfort  (S4 en S5)
  2. A higher toecap for increased safety
  3. A specially developed sole profile for an even better grip

Even in this professional market, one clear trend is the increasing importance of design. For this reason, Bekina has lavished a great deal of attention to detail on the Steplite X, resulting in a boot that is both tough and elegant.

The Steplite X is at home in any environment: from agriculture through industrial activities to the food industry. Find out everything about Steplite X.
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