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Bekina Compounds is the undisputed specialist in producing coloured rubber compounds. Our rubber knowledge and experience, both in development and in processing, support the daily operations of several tens of leading rubber processing companies across Europe. Bekina Compounds develops the appropriate formulation for each product, but also produces compounds to the customer’s recipe specifications.

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Indurub processes, with fully automized high-tech injection machines, thermoplastic elastomers and hard plastics into technical articles. Based on our extensive knowledge of high-quality raw materials we focus on different niches such as suspensions and accessories for the bedding industry. We are particulary known for our customer-oriented approach and developments. Indurub offers flexible solutions for all kinds of B2B industries. By means of our technical and commercial know-how, we like to think along with you and give support in order to succesfully complete your personal projects.

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Due to a number of problems with natural cork, since the late 90s wine bottles have increasingly been bottled using synthetic wine corks. Vinova® wine cork not only avoids the drawbacks of natural cork, such as the taste of cork and leakage, but is also innovative compared to all other existing synthetic wine corks, with its unique combination of injection and extrusion.

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Fairs: Eurogénétique

Visit Bekina at the EUROGÉNÉTIQUE fare in Vosges!
From 4 till April 6 all leading livestock companies will be present during EUROGÉNÉTIQUE.

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